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Duck Flat Mundoo III
River Cruiser

Now here's a chance to own a new Mundoo by getting in on the ground floor.

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Norwalk Island Sharpie 26

An excellant bargain on an excellent boat. These almost sail themselves...

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Duncanson 29' Deep Keel Yacht

The hard work is done ...She just need finishing off and away you go.
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Sell Your Boat!
If you would like to list your Boat for sale on our Website, please ring us on 08 8391 3988 for details or send us an email.

Introducing our new range of electric outboards!
Efficient German technology to improve your carbon footprint ...don't leave an oily smear behind you.
From a light 1hp - 15hp tin motor.

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Welcome to Duck Flat Wooden Boats

Duck Flat Wooden Boats is a group of people who run an efficient, modern wooden boat construction business.
We are a business. But it is driven by more than that.
In a world of mass produced, accountant driven design and build philosophy, there is a yearning for hand made objects of lasting worth that reflect a real marriage of form and function. For us, the best expression of this is in the properly considered new or restored wooden boat, sailing the waters of your dreams. Read more>>>

New Builds, Restorations and Repairs
Mudskipper is a fine example of our restoration work... Come and have a chat and we’ll see what we can do for you. No matter if it’s a repair or a new build or you own bulding project. Give us a call.
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Oughtred Guide to Building
Clinker Boats

Simply the best how to on the market for this very strong and elegant glued plywood clinker construction method 6'6"to 23'. This doesn't just apply to Iain's designs but any epoxy glued clinker boat. Clear photos and illustrations.

..AND cheaper than our competitors! Look Now!


Online Boat Shop

You can purchase anything from Boat Plans to Kits and Books to Building Materials, ALL AT CHEAPER PRICES. You can now even buy precut Bear Mountain, Oughtred and other kits online.
Beautifully precision cut kits ready for you to put together. The Oughtred glued lapstrake (clinker) hulls are no longer a black art! Check out the Kits Page.


Iain Oughtred
has added some new designs to his catalogue, notably the Skerrie skiffs, Elfyn, Whilly Tern and Tirrik. Beautiful as always.
Michael Storer's inexpensive and easy to build designs are listed on our DESIGNER'S GALLERY along with Ross Turner's popular Jarcat range of catamarans. You can buy their plans, along with all our other designers such as, David Payne, John Marples, Bear Mountain, Iain Oughtred, Simpson Cats, Glen L, Joel White, Phil Bolger, Kelsall Cats, Isles and Wooden Boat, online.

The Paringa ...It's Here! - Checkout our prices!


The new Paringa series of luxury, low impact estuarine cruisers have evolved from the ever popular Mundoo River Cruisers.

These boats, while still retaining the practical elements of the flat-bottom shallow draft Mundoos, have been styled to give a more traditional look and feel without compromising the modern comforts and construction....find out more>>>


Mundoo Riverboat


Duck Flat's Mundoo Riverboat plans have undergone a redraw with 5 standard models to choose from. Outboard or solar/electric! AND the plans have dropped in price!
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MUNDOO page.

Autumn School Coming Soon!

Night School 2014 - BOOK NOW!

Did you miss out on the Spring School?
...DON"T PANIC! If you get in now you'll be right for the 2014 Night School.
Boats are easier than you may think...
Check out some of the pics from the
previous schools.


Does your boat have a HIN number?
We do those as well!


Check out our new Owner/Builders page. If you have a project on the go, send some pics and a few words.