Painting and varnishing

Due to our significant experience in the application of epoxy, paints varnishes and other coatings either through more traditional methods like brush, roll and tip or more modern air spray we are able to offer to our clients a finish far exceeding their expectations and from which many a boat owner have complimented us on. Like they say it is all in the preparation, no truer word has been said in vain, likewise we are able to prepare the work in preparation of achieving the finish any discerning boat owner is looking for.


Often we are asked to restore an old boat to its original condition, an integral part of this is matching the original signwriting and the duplicating of the color and font, as well as investigating and replicating the original boat design graphics. Whether gold leaf, freehand or vinyl we able to meet your needs.

Inspections and Reports

Either pre-purchase or as part of considering whether to undertake repairs or restoration at Duck Flat Wooden Boats we can undertake a detail condition inspection and provide a budget to repair.

On our site or at alternative premises we are available to offer this service at short notice.

Insurance assessments

Duck Flat Wooden Boats is certified by Club Marine and accepted by other leading insurance companies to undertake insurance inspections and reports for both initial and re-insurance.

State HIN number inspections

Duck Flat Wooden Boats are certified by Transport SA to undertake boat inspections and apply Hull Identification numbers (HIN Number) this service can be undertaken either at our shop or alternatively off site

Product sourcing and timber milling and cutting

Through experience and our profile within the industry Duck Flat Wooden Boats have significant resources to source material, mill and cut to your specific project needs. Talk to us for advice and availability etc.

Mast and Spar construction – traditionally turned, birds mouth and 2 piece

Duck Flat Wooden Boats have significant experience in the manufacture of Masts and Spars to your specific needs and timber requirements. Whether using traditional or modern techniques we can build straight or tapered, 1 piece, 2 piece or by Birds mouth construction, either as part of a new boat build, restoration or separate project.


Either as part of a new build or a restoration Duck Flat Wooden Boat can design and install the rigging to your boat whether traditional or modern, talk to us about your needs.

Specialist cabinet making needs

All too often we are asked at Duck Flat Wooden Boats to draw on our woodworking and cabinet making skills, if you have a specific project you would like to talk to us about please make contact.

Advise/consulting services

At Duck Flat Wooden Boats we offer an Advise/Consulting service to support our clients as they undertake their own build or restoration project, through early intervention and support we can provide guidance in the selection of designs and materials etc that meet your specific needs as well has support you at any level through the process to insure you realize our ambition.