Our Vision

To build and restore bespoke wooden boats fusing both traditional and modern construction techniques and materials whilst upholding the ideals of Quality, Service and Integrity from which we produce an outcome that both our clients and us can be proud.

Our Charter

To support the sustainability of Wooden Boat Building within Australia and be the reference standard by which the Industry sets itself.

Duck Flat Wooden Boats was established in the early 80’s originally located on the old Duck Flat settlement of Mt Barker South Australia and have been in continues operation servicing the wooden boat industry for more than 37 years both locally and nationally throughout Australia.

During this time, Duck Flat Wooden Boats have developed the enviable reputation of quality, service and an insurmountable passion for wooden boats and supporting its clients in realising their dreams.

We specialise in the construction and restoration of Wooden Boats from dinghies though to large motor cruisers and yachts using both traditional and modern technics.

Best for Project

Not set in our ways we are able to offer a flexible approach to the challenges set us, working with our clients and key partners to deliver a “Best for Project” approach and culture.

As a skilled team of passionate and gifted individuals we are committed to customer service and upholding the ideals of quality and the retaining of boat building and wood working skills. We recognise the importance of efficiency and longevity through the seamless integration of modern boat building techniques and methods.

We are committed to supporting and developing Wooden Boat restoration and new builds and offer classes/schools to pass on these skills providing the opportunity for individuals to realise their dream of building and/or owning their own wooden boat.

In a world of mass produced, accountant driven design and build philosophy, there is a yearning for handmade objects of lasting worth and beauty, for us the best expression of this is in the properly considered new or restored wooden boat.

Our Facility

Our facility at Mt Barker has all the necessary tooling and infrastructure to enable us to take on all of the challenges provided to us by our clients whether large or small.

In addition to building wooden boats using both modern and traditional techniques we deal in learning exchange, teaching programmes, materials supply, world- wide plans agencies and much more.

As part of our boat storage facility we are able to offer whether on or off site a boat sales service.

Whether you are moving onto to your next project or are looking to purchase a wooden boat, visit our boat sales section on this website.  We also invite you to talk to us about your specific needs, we have a significant network within the wooden boat fraternity in Australia and may well be able to help.

Boats for Sale

Welcome to our world. Our world of wooden boats.