Years of experience

The business has over many years undertaken the most challenging of restorations in all construction methods and state of repair. We get a considerable amount of enjoyment working with customers to assist them in realising their dream of restoring a historically significant boat or family heirloom past down from generation to generation.

Whether power or sail we have extensive experience in all facets of construction and internal systems, such as the complete restoration of “Intrigue” a 30ft Dragon Yacht to “Sweets 2” a 1958 Chris Craft – Capri.

We will undertake lasting repairs and upgrades to boats as well as provide support and consulting services to those whom wish to take a more active role in restoration themselves.

Maintaining multiple projects

Our shop can support boats to 48ft, whilst maintaining a number of projects at any one time.

Whether laying a new teak deck, replacing broken frames, repairing damage, replacing a rotted plank or re-epoxy/fibre glassing the hull of a cold moulded boat to name a few we are apt at providing all these services.

Working with the latest technology in adhesives, epoxies and finishes we can apply these products to provide a longer life whilst retaining the look and finish of a bygone age.

We are passionate

We are passionate about providing boats with a new lease of life, for future generation to own, love and enjoy and pride ourselves on the quality and finish that we can achieve throughout the restoration.

We are able to carry out a detailed inspection of your boat to establish restoration requirements to ensure where ever possible there is no hidden surprises and unforeseen expense and conversely able to undertake system upgrades and design changes in parallel.