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Nat. Benjamin Periwinkle Junior skiff


A pretty, 10-foot long, wooden, rowing skiff, designed by the  American Nathaniel Benjamin along the lines of a typical  “flattie”, U.S. working boat.
[Amateur] built using a two-part article featured in Wooden Boat magazine (issues     ) plus a basic set of lines, offsets and materials list from the designer, as a garage project by the  builder and his younger son. As designed it is  constructed in the  traditional plank with side frames, fastened with screws. A plywood bottom substituting for cross planking. The builders opted to adjust the plans (at the lofting stage) to use 1/4” plywood sides and transom instead of pine planks, with epoxy  glue construction for strength, simplicity and longevity. The wood stock is mostly hoop pine with kauri rub rail. These boats are normally built in US  schools by pupils  under supervision, finished inside and out painted. This boat has bright  finish internally  (over epoxy coating).
Here is a summary of  the basic details:

Built 2021-2022, Adelaide, South Australia. Launched 2024 at  Clayton Bay.
10-ft overall length; 4-ft beam. Weight approx. 52-kg (115-lb)
3/8” (9mm) marine ply bottom, 1/4” (6mm)  marine ply sides, 1” (25mm) marine ply transom
Frames, chine logs, knees, etc. Hoop Pine.
Rub rail is Kauri, all supplied by Duck Flat.
Epoxy bonded and sealed (West System), 6-oz FG cloth sheathed on bottom.
Seats are pine and removable (bronze screws)
6-coats marine spar varnish on interior and rub rail; white painted hull exterior
Oars and painters included; galvanised rowlocks fitted.
No motor, trailer or cover.

The  builders never  intended to keep the boat, but tried  her out recently on the water at Clayton Bay. It attracted admiring comments from passersby. It rows well, very well indeed with just one aboard: fast, smooth and straight. It is roomy inside for its size and quite stable. It is not show-boat perfect, but very nice.

Sitting at Duck Flat Wooden Boats, Mount Barker, SA.
$2,200- offers considered.



Available for inspection anytime during business hours at our workshop in Mt Barker SA.

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