We had purchased a new Renault Trafic van with the intention of doing a camper conversion ourselves after failing to find anyone that we felt comfortable would not produce their default layout. Although I was not too bad with the electricals and some construction work, I finally had to admit defeat with the cupboards and detailed carpentry. By a mere chance conversation with a stranger, we realised that Duck Flat do campervan conversions.
We didn’t think for a moment that DF would be interested and even if they were, it could probably not be done until well after our first planned trip in a couple of months.
We turned up at DF one day unannounced and were told they had been waiting for “the couple with the grey Renault”.
We had a rough plan for the layout, having only a limited amount of space, layouts are limited and we immediately felt entirely comfortable with Pat and the team at DF.
DF took our nominal plan and polished it to incorporate everything we wanted and plenty more as well. After several planning conversations work started and the plan continued to be improved upon and added to as the van took shape, space seemed to appear from nowhere and every nook and cranny was used to good effect, without the layout feeling like we were living in a wardrobe. Everything we had planned on was incorporated and we were constantly informed on progress and asked in to discuss details as and when needed.
Pat and the team were very easy to work with and we were dealing with the actual people doing the work in our local area, not someone from sales or reception working for a multinational. (a rarity these days and a good feeling).
Our first trip was a great success with only two very small changes. A further 5000 km trip went without a hitch and we are constantly amazed that we cannot think of a single alteration needed. The end result was many times better than anything I could have built myself and a lot quicker.
People that have asked to have a look at the van are always impressed with the amount of storage space and quality of the build.
We do not hesitate for a moment to recommend Duck Flat Wood Boats for a camper conversion.