The Phoenix 15 as featured in the April-June Australasian Amatuer Boatbuilder Magazine, designed by Ross Lillistone in collaboration with DFWB. We have started the first hull build over the last 6 weeks, smoothing out any imperfections in the cutting and making sure it works as it should. We had the pleasure of having Ross come down for two weeks to help with the setup, and with Ross being so particular with his work, he was keen to see it all come together!!

We are now in the process of having pre built hulls, ready to ship, so you at home can have the confidence of having a professionally built hull, at a fraction of the cost of a finished boat. And of course we can build to any stage including finished boats, on the water ready to sail.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress with the first hull having already been sold with significant interest in future builds.

Drop us an email or call us at the shop for kit, bare hull, or finished boat pricing.